About Blender Festival


Blender is an immersive, four day festival experience blending technology, arts and music


Welcome to a world to a world where there is no accepted starting point… and no end to the possibilities.

Where wealth is measured only by the weight of ideas, the unknown is embraced and the absurd is entertained.

We challenge you to sail from the safe harbour of convention, to BLENDER – where ideas and expression are in the mix.

We’ll camp at the crossroads of creativity and technology, pick the pockets and pimp the potential of the digital world, treat the arts and science as bedfellows, not imposters and give music its head – in a bid to redefine its feat.

This is Blender.

Celebrating the spark, not the fire. A Festival to blur the lines between experts and audience. To fuse creators and adopters, and delineate dollars from sense.

BLENDER Festival embraces the audacious, bold, playful and curious, encouraging you to take the wheel, not the passenger seat.

                                                                                Explore. Express. Immerse. Imagine.