Think Invent Make Evaluate 3D Printing Comp

Tuesday Jul 21

Free Entry

The THINK INVENT MAKE EVALUATE 3D Printing and Design Competition will be open to all Illawarra schools, encouraging the development of future skills by using 3D printing and CAD technology.

High School and Primary School student teams will be eligible to enter, categories will include

  •       Robotics – UOW Engineering & Stem roadshow (High School) Platinum Sponsor $1,500.00
  •       Art – Wizywig (High School) Platinum Sponsor $1,500.00
  •       Industrial Design/ Engineering – BluescopeWIN Community Partners (High School) Platinum Sponsor $1,500.00
  •       Product Design – Modfab – (Primary School) Platinum Sponsor 3D Printer $1,500
  •       Product Design – Autodesk (High School) Platinum Sponsor $1,500.00

The competition will run from Tuesday July 21, 2015 to Monday the 21st of September.  Tuesday 1st of September free 3D Printing Day for Schools at the Innovation Campus for schools that do not have 3D Printers.  The winners will be announced at the “Mind Shift” event at the Blender Festival on Friday the 2nd of October. Cash prizes of $1500 will be awarded to the school of the winning team for each sponsored category.

For more information click here or email for a brochure.


Event Details

Date: Tuesday 21 July
Location: Illawarra Schools
Audience: Primary and High School students

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