Mind Shift

Friday Oct 02

$10 student / pensioner $25 adult + booking fee

Mind Shift is a single-day forum to challenge perceptions, experts and the obvious in a Q&A setting.

Each of the Q&A sessions will feature a panel of four industry experts from the tech, music and arts spheres. These sessions will put the audience on the front foot with interactive digital initiatives and a playfully-delivered verdict.

At present we have 4 topical sessions, each running for 50 minutes, plus 2 key note speakers along with some curious, cutting edge acts to lighten the mood.  The winners of Hackagong competitions will present as well as the Modfab school 3D printing competition announced.

Mind Shift tackles some serious topics, but welcomes the sublime and quirky. These sessions are an integral part of the festival and our aim of this event is to help pollinate ideas throughout the community in the hope of building relationships and opening up opportunities for those attending.

Thanks to our partners IMB, Tom Thumb and University of Wollongong for making Mind Shift possible

Tickets - Students / Pensioners $10, Adults $25, VIP (front row seats, snack box) $35 + booking fee


Colin Blake

Colin Blake
Head of Territory, Australia and New Zealand Rdio

Rdio launched in August 2010 by the co-creator of Skype, Janus Friis, and is reinventing the way people discover, play and share music, allowing users to listen anywhere, anytime. Rdio is in 51 countries, more than any other streaming service and currently have 670,000 Australian registered users.

Prior to joining Rdio in March 2013, Colin held marketing positions at MTV Australia, General Pants Group, Viacom International Media Networks Australia/NZ and Inventa Marketing Agency. He has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Molson Breweries, and as a young adult coached the Canadian National and Olympic Snowboarding teams. 

As a die-hard music fan Colin views Rdio as the most important evolution the music industry currently is experiencing. One of the biggest challenges he encounters in his position is educating people on music streaming as a new platform and technology, and helping them understand what a great service like Rdio can do for a music lover. Colin’s goal always remains the same however: to ensure that as many people as possible experience the technology and fall in love with it like many others have. 

 Stephen DupontStephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont
Photographer.  Canon Master

Over the past two decades, Dupont has produced a remarkable body of visual work; hauntingly beautiful photographs of fragile cultures and marginalized peoples. He skilfully captures the human dignity of his subjects with great intimacy and often in some of the world’s most dangerous regions. 

Dupont’s work has earned him photography’s most prestigious prizes, including a Robert Capa Gold Medal citation from the Overseas Press Club of America; a Bayeux War Correspondent’s Prize; and first places in the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, the Australian Walkleys, and Leica/CCP Documentary Award. 

Dupont has twice been an official war artist for the Australian War Memorial for his photography, with commissions in The Solomon Islands (2013) and Afghanistan (2012).

His work has been featured in The New Yorker, Aperture, Newsweek, Time, GQ, Esquire,  French and German GEO, Le Figaro, Liberation, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent, The Guardian, The New York Times Magazine, Stern, The Australian Financial Review Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

Dupont has held major exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Sydney, Canberra, Tokyo, and Shanghai, and at Perpignan’s Visa Pour L’Image, China’s Ping Yao and Holland’s Noorderlicht festivals. 

He currently resides in Sydney with his family where he splits his production there with assignments and long term projects in the field. He is a photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker. 


Nick RheinbergerNick Rheinberger


Nick Rheinberger

Nick Rheinberger is a radio presenter, facilitator, writer and musician. He’s been the mornings presenter for ABC Illawarra for over a decade, covering current affairs, politics, debates, natural disasters and local creative talent. Nick loves the great adventure of science and the contest of ideas, as well as the thwack of willow on leather every summer. 


 Candice Quartermain

Candice Quartermain
Program Director + Founder Circular Economy Australia

Candice founded her first start-up, managed the future of innovation for global enterprises and is now taking centre stage connecting industries and regenerative design with her organisation, Circular Economy Australia.

Founded in 2010, Circular Economy Australia seeks to push the nation into innovation superdrive and kick-start traditional businesses into Silicon Valley thinking. By moving away from the current take-make-throwaway model towards one of redesign-reuse-regenerate, Circular Economy Australia are single-handedly pioneering how innovation can aid this transition.

Candice accelerates possibilities by shaping new technologies to solutions that simply make sense. Her work in the innovation space has won many awards for companies like Adidas, Unilever and General Motors.

In 2015, she will launched Deviate2Innovate a platform that connects people, projects and possibilities in the Australian innovation landscape. Her goal is to set an international benchmark for collaborative knowledge sharing, driving job creation and investment.

Professor Gordon Wallace

Prof. Gordon Wallace
Executive Research Director at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science; Director of the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute. Director of the ANFF Materials node. 

Gordon's research interests include the discoveries and development of new materials for bio-communications from the molecular to skeletal domains in order to improve human performance via medical Bionics. He has pioneered the use of 3D bio printing to achieve this.

With more than 800 refereed publications, Professor Wallace has attracted some 26,000 citations. In the first six months of this year his work has been cited more than 10 times a day. He recently published an ebook 3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies  www.bioprintingebook.com He has co-authored books on Organic Bionics and Intelligent Materials. He has worked with Magipics to create animations describing aspects of his work

Professor Wallace is an elected Fellow at the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Institute of Physics (UK) and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and currently holds an ARC Laureate Fellowship.

Ben Moir

Ben Moir
Snepo Research and Wearable Experiments

Ben (aka Mr Wolf) is an engineer who was born to solve problems. He turned his focus to management 10 years ago because people are infinitely more complex and fun than computers and tech. He lives a double life, during the day he runs Snepo Research a gun team of programmers and designers based  in Surry Hills; at night he runs a wearable tech company We:eX based in New York with Billie his co-founder and in-house fashion designer. Ben lives by the motto, you can sleep when you're dead...

Roger Lawrence 

Roger Lawrence
Chief Technologist, Innovation - HP Enterprise Services, Asia-Pacific & Japan
Chair of the Australian Information Industry Aassociation - Innovation Special Interest Group

Roger Lawrence is responsible for facilitating innovation for HP Enterprise clients across the region. He also works with senior client executives to understand industry trends and develop strategic solutions.

Roger has spent some 27 years in Information Technology and benefits from experience such as Mainframe Programming in the late 80’s; Infrastructure Support and Consulting in the 90’s; Architecture and Strategy Consulting in the earlier part of this decade; Consulting Practice Management & Group Management of Technologists, Technology Evangelism, Start-up experience and Marketing Strategy.

In his words. "I also love technology! Bleeding edge technology that empowers and enables people. Wearable, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing & the IoT. That's probably why I'm a Chief Technology Officer. It's what I love to do. It's who I love to be. And life is more than work, which is why I ride motorcycles, scuba dive, worship with guitar, drums, & computers, connect through photos & video, and travel the world."

Dr Ken Hudson

Dr Ken Hudson
Author, Ideation, Speed Thinking & Small Wins Innovation

Ken is a former Marketing Director at American Express who spent 14 years in senior positions with other organisations including Citibank and Dunlop Slazenger.

He left the safety of corporate life to follow his life’s passion – helping others to be as creative, innovative & productive as they possibly can.

Ken went back to university (much to my wife’s surprise) and gained a PhD in Organisational Creativity (UWS) and 10en years ago, launched his own business and continues to work with amazing leaders on fascinating projects. Based on Ken's experience at the corporate and business coal-face as well as a university lecturer (former part-time lecturer at UTS) plus a dash of imagination, he has written 3 books on Ideation & Speed Thinking that have now been published in 9 countries.

Ken invented a new, accelerated method for ideation called Speed Thinking and a mobile app called Ideas Blitz, as well as a fast, easy way for teams to innovate called Small Wins Innovation.

Rick Gilmore

Rick Gilmore
Founder Good Company Coaching

Good Company Coaching is an Australian based pioneering authority on influencing strategy, business wisdom and leadership.

He is also a sought after East-West commentator. As a young man, after studying Western Philosophy at university, his radar moved to the East, where he spent many years in India investigating Eastern philosophy and practices.

His unique approach and expertise is a synthesis of Western philosophy and ancient wisdom frameworks fused in fresh forms of business influence psychology and human potential.

Rick has been a professional coach, speaker, author and facilitator for over twenty years. Never just for infotainment alone, he is known as a witty, fun, and edgy presenter, who creates an experience and profound changes in the perspectives of audience members.

Be Who You Are Meant To Become™   is his core communication, an utterance that resonates with Rick even more now, than it did when he was first starting out.

 Terumi Narushima

Terumi Narushima 
Lecturer in music , University of Wollongong

Terumi is also a composer, performer and sound designer specialising in microtonal tuning systems. Her works include: Tritriadic Chimes, a sound installation for LA MicroFest (2001); Hidden Sidetracks, a composition for custom-built instruments premiered at the Sydney Opera House (2011); and music and sound for a theatre production, Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens (2014).

Terumi is a core member of Clocks and Clouds, an ensemble featuring retuned vibraphone, pump organ and other acoustic instruments built by fellow composer-performer, Kraig Grady. Currently she is working on a collaborative research project at the University of Wollongong to build microtanal flutes using 3D printing.  Terumi and her ensemble will also perform at Mind Shift.

Katina Michael 

Associate Professor Katina Michael
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences. University of Wollongong.

Katina has had industry experience in telecommunications engineering and holds cross disciplinary qualifications in information technology and law. Katina is editor-in-chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine and senior editor of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. She researches the social implications of emerging technologies with an emphasis on national security. Her most recent book is titled: Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants. She is a senior member of the IEEE, actively involved in the Society for the Social Implications of Technology.

Dr Thomas Holderness

Dr Tomas Holderness
SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong

Tomas leads SMART’s Open Source Geospatial Laboratory, where his research focuses on developing new architectures for the collection, integration and analysis of geospatial media, to generate new modes of enquiry into the resilience of megacities to extreme weather events.

In particular Tomas is interested in the role of citizen data in understanding urban systems; his research on using OpenStreetMap to model sanitation networks in Nairobi’s slums was recently received the James Hill prize from the Institute of Civil Engineers. 

Currently, Tomas co-leads the PetaJakarta.org (Map Jakarta) project to crowd-source flood maps in Jakarta, using social media. This project in collaboration with the Jakarta government and Twitter Inc. uses tweets from citizens to alert the city’s emergency management agency to flooding. 2015 will see Tomas and his team extend the project to include real-time drone imagery, smart watches and mobile sensors to better understand the response of Jakarta to the annual monsoon season.

 Bill Burton

Bill Burton
General Manager, Westfield BrandSpace

Bill Burton has 20 years’ experience across the converged media, technology and advertising landscape in retail, digital, entertainment, TV, print and advertisement in various executive roles. Bill is General Manager, Westfield BrandSpace and has a consistent record of delivering industry-leading business results and winning teams.  Prior to joining Westfield in 2009, Bill was a Director with Telstra BigPond and before that a General Manager with News Corporation. Bill has a Master’s Degree from the Macquarie University.

Caitlin Marshall

Caitlin Marshall
Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus began in 2013 as a social enterprise building a resourceful, sustainable and creative community. The value of knowing people in your street, your neighbourhood, your community that can DO things, useful things like making food, fixing stuff, sharing produce and passing on skills is beyond measure.

In a time when the pervasive allure of relentless advertising and enticement to BUY MORE STUFF combines with a culture of passive defeat in the face of things not being made to last, we need to give energy to building a resourceful, creative and sustainable community.

We connect people with places and teachers with learners and bring together all the amazing resources, artists, makers and bubble up the untapped essence of the Illawarra. We run classes, Maker's Markets, fun events and more. We are all about PLAY. 

Alissa Cronau

Alissa Cronau 
Director – Shake Appeal

I have been working in the music industry since 1999, the beginning of the end of traditional music consumption.

My experience includes working at an independent music shop, Warner Music and most recently running my own independent music company Shake Appeal. During my 16 year career I have focused primarily on the publicity and promotional sector of the industry, specifically working with independent artists. 

During the past five years it became apparent the current promotional methods are no longer working for many artists to gain exposure and consumers have lost defining gatekeepers to guide them in their music choices. 

In early 2015, I began working on a new digital platform to solve these problems. 

I have recently been accepted into the Founder Institute - the world's largest entrepreneurial training and start up launch program. My mission is to build a new company, combining the knowledge and skills from the Start Up Tech world with the heart and soul of the music community. 

The story of this journey will unfold at my blog - www.tallerthanpoppy.com

Teodor Mitew

Dr Teodor Mitew
Lecturer, Digital Media & Communication, University of Wollongong 

I was born with the feeling that the world is mad, much helped by the fact my place of birth was Bulgaria. I lived through and remember well communism, witnessed the birth of ‘what comes after’, and took as much as I could from the tuition.  I have far too many interests, and far too little time to indulge them all.

I am interested in the implications of the Internet of Things for sociability and memory. My broad research interests also include Arduino, open source software, 3D printing, maker communities, and object-oriented ontology. Currently I am working on a book exploring the application of actor network theory to the study of mobile socio-technical assemblages, under the working title Durable Affinities: the politics of actor networks.

Steven Noble

Steven Noble
Founder & Principal Analyst, Testivate

Steven is a digital business analyst and entrepreneur. On behalf of the emerging technologies research firm Telsyte, he recently authored the Australian IoT @ Home Market Study 2015, which forecasts the market will be worth $3.2 billion in Australia by 2019. During his 20 years of digital business experience, he has been the editor of Australian Macworld magazine, the Australian director of digital for one of the world’s largest PR companies, and the founder of several businesses, including Testivate, the website testing startup that he runs from his base here in Wollongong.

Kraig Grady

Kraig Grady
Composer / Sound Artist

Kraig is a US-Australian composer/sound artist. He has composed and performed with an ensemble of microtonal instruments of his own design and also worked as a shadow puppeteer, tuning theorist, filmmaker, world music radio DJ and concert promoter. He has been nominated four times for the LA Weekly Music Awards best uncategorizable artist and was chosen by Buzz Magazine as one of the "100 coolest people in Los Angeles".



10:00 - 10:30 Key Note Speaker – Colin Blake

10:35-11.25 Panel A: “The Right Note: how music influences our life and is set to change.”

11:25 – 11:45 "Clocks and Clouds" Performance

11:50 – 12:40 Panel B: “How Things Change: why does it take us so long to adapt?”

12:40 – 1:30 Lunch

                    12:50– 1:20 Hackagong: Top 5 pitches 

1:35 – 2:25 Panel C: “The Human Machine: technology is becoming part of us, what are the benefits and risks this poses?”

2:30 – 3:30 ‘Blender Legend’ Stephen Depont retrospective: “Don’t Look Away”

3:30 – 3:40 Announcement of Hackagong / 3D printing winners

3:40 – 4:00 Break - View Hackagong and 3D printers demonstrations in foyer

4:05 – 4:55 Panel D: “To Infinity and Beyond: what’s the next big thing, what scares you, what inspires you?

5:00 - 6:00 Networking

Event Details

Date: Friday 2 October
Audience: All ages

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